Every March my buddies and I would put a dollar into a pool and pick our winning brackets. As we got older , and lives changed, it became increasingly difficult to get together to pick our brackets. Much of the fun of the tournament was seeing what teams others picked, showing off your bracket, and talking a little trash about how terrible their picks were. So in 2001 Matt' was born. That first year was just a bracket in a simple form and one page showing the rankings. We had a good time viewing each others brackets and following the rankings all on the internet. We had 15 entries that first year. In 2002 we began using a program called Turbo Tourney for That year underdog scoring was added, and the word got out about We had 79 entries the second year. Over the years has really become a tradition every March. Many players return the following year in hopes this is the year they will pick the winning bracket. There are no prizes given at -- other than some major bragging rights. 
Let the madness begin..

Past Men's Bracket Champions
2016 Dean Woods
2015 Sarah Matthews
2014 Carlos Soto
2013 Nate Hansen
2012 Ben Hulin
2011 Kelli Garwood
2010 Eric Glanders
2009 Nathan Porter
2008 Charles Baxter
2007 Rob McClellan
2006 Mark Mundy
2005 Jason Marcuson
2004 Dick Marsh
2003 Vince Beasley
2002 Scott Brosman
2001 Derek Polen
Past Women's Bracket Champions
2016 Larry Nutt
2015 Ron Ranta
2014 Randy Graham
2013 Scott Martin
2012 Matt Patton
2011 Andy Davis
2010 Tim Baxter
2009 Scott Martin
2008 Mark Mundy
2007 Garrett Jones
2006 Chad Jeffries
2005 Paul Jones